Asstrological secrets: A guide to sexing through the stars ~

Aries: confidence and self assuredness is what attracted you in the first place and is their ultimate sex appeal. They’re hot and will tell you you are until you reciprocate and stroke their ego. Hard dicks. Short sex. Lots.

Taurus: probably relies on their looks and will be lazy if they’re not that into you. If they’re stinging for it a sexy deep, fun fuck. Will always want you to be liking it as much as they are. Will do just about anything.

Gemini: the hoes of the zodiac. not afraid to tell you what they want you to do to them. Demanding, even. Mad vocal during sex. Usually it’s pretty good though. You’re both probably trashed as fuck.

Cancer: works out what you like and does it over and over and over and over and over til you don’t even like it anymore.

Leo: idk like I can’t remember from personal experience but if I can take a guess likely only concerned with getting off themselves. Need a lot of positive reaffirmation of their skill set. Think they’re better than they actually are.

Virgo: wildcard. Freaky as fuck. also overthinking it, has probably dated and broken up with you about 15 times in their head before you cum (if you’re not too high from their shit anyway)

Libra: will always let you be in control and it’s totally fine. They know what they’re doing and they do it nice, you can’t challenge them in convo first tho or they won’t fuck you.

Scorpio: dirty AF. like rimming on a one night stand kinda bad. The kind of sex you think about all day every day for the next week or something. looks at you like you’re an object in a really hot way. Got any Scorpio mates? 0439480948 ty

Sagittarius: sweet, energetic and eager. sees it as a game… like by fucking enough they get to level up or something. not super in touch with your feelings or whatever (yo it counts ok) probably tells all their friends nasty shit about you.

Capricorn: will only fuck you if they think it will make them cooler. if you’re someone they’ve decided is important you’re already married (in their head)

Aquarius: i’m not even fucking with you dudes you’re too in your own lives.

Pisces: not so much obsessed with face value, they have a wild intuition which will usually leads them towards that good good. thinks about sex a lot, might exaggerate their skill set a bit but still heaps of fun and cool to hang with after.